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Online Poker is a popular casino game here at Stellar Spins. We have several variants of poker online for you to choose from including live dealer tournaments. You also get a head start with our generous bonuses and promotions when you sign up for the first time.

Enjoy poker games online with the best poker machines. Play different poker variants online. There’s a poker game for everyone. Navigate your way to playing online poker using our Stellar Spins guide.


How to Play Poker Online

Online poker is a popular casino game enjoyed by many players. When it comes to poker online, the game requires a certain level of skill and knowledge to win real money. There are different strategies that you can use to gain an upper hand. Here is a step-by-step guide: 

  • The first round starts with players placing a blind or ante bet.
  • After the first card is burnt, the dealer will give out two cards in a clockwise motion.
  • Players can then choose whether they will check the first two cards will be dealt.
  • Players can choose whether to bet or not with every card the dealer releases.
  • The cards placed at the center of the poker table are known as the community cards that everyone can see. The cards are also known as a ‘flop’. Players are allowed to choose up to three cards facing up.
  • Players are allowed to view the turn card once the betting is done.
  • Once the first card of the deck is burnt, the last card from the deck is turned. This also known as the river.
  • Players choose the best five cards once the river card is turned.
  • Players can either choose to bet, call or fold.


Online Poker Rules

Like any other casino game at Stellar Spins Casino, knowing the rules of online poker will help you place better bets. Below is a breakdown of the rules.

Poker Hand Rules

The hand rules and rankings are the same through out all the variations of the games. The rules of the game is a good place to start before players place their first ante bets. The biggest payout a player can get is a Royal Flush with a Straight Flush that follows thereafter. The following cards are a four-of-a-kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, and a high card.

Ante and Blind Bet Rule

Some poker variations require players to place ante bets prior to cards being dealt.

Limit versus No Limit Poker Games

In some poker variations, players have the option of no limit betting where players can bet as much as they want. The betting amount is not capped to any maximum.

Player and Dealer Actions

Players and the dealer have their own roles to play during online poker real money:

Bet: Making a bet during poker games.

Call: Matching other players bet to stay in the game.

Check: Not making any more bets.

Fold: Forfeiting or pulling out from a bet if you think you won’t win.

Raise: Matching or increasing an opposing players bet amount by adding chips.

Betting Rounds

The betting rounds during a poker game will vary among the different versions of the game. This is particularly for the ones the use community cards.

Preflop: Bets placed before community cards are dealt.

Flop: Bets placed after the first three community cards are dealt.

Turn: Bets placed after the fourth community card is dealt.

River: Bets placed after the fifth community card is placed on the poker table.


Online Poker Real Money Hand Rankings

Royal Flush: Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Tens from the same suite.

Straight Flush: Consecutive cards with the same pattern, all from the same pack.

Four-of-a-kind: Four cards of the same value.

Flush: Two cards carrying the value and another three cards of the same value.

Straight: Five cards from different suits that follow a sequence.

Three-of-a-kind: Three cards of the same value.

Two Pair: Two cards carrying the same value and another two cards of the same value.

Pair: Two cards of the same rank.

High Card: The highest card dealt should no other card appear.

Different kinds of Online Poker Betting

Fixed-Limit: Players choose a set amount they will bet

No-Limit: A bet that allows players to raise their bet amount during a poker game.

Pot-Limit: Players can’t raise more than the size of the pot.


Different Poker Variants

Caribbean Poker

In this poker version, players go against the dealer and aim to get the best hand possible. The cards are dealt facedown with one of the dealer’s cards facing up. Players can either raise or fold. Players need to make a wager of the same or twice the initial bet if they choose to raise.

Mobile Poker Online

You can enjoy your favourite poker games from the comfort of your own home at Stellar Spins Casino. You have the benefit of playing for free through your mobile web-browser to get a feel of the casino. You can also play their high-stakes games for real money.


Video Poker versus Live Poker

Whether you play video poker or live poker online, the rules of the game don’t change. A video poker machine gives players 5 cards where players will choose which card to hold and release. The machine will replace the released card and payout players according to the payout table. Live poker is where players enjoy rounds of online poker interacting with the live dealer in real time. 


Online Poker FAQs

Is online poker legal?

Yes, at Stellar Spins, the latest SSL encryption technology is used to ensure a safe gaming experience for our players. 

Can I win real money with online poker?

Yes, you can win real money play poker games online. We do suggest playing for free to get a feel of the game and understanding the rules. Once you’ve improved, you can begin playing for real money.

What does the term ‘donkey’ mean in poker online?

The term ‘donkey’ simply refers to a person that constantly makes bad decisions.

What is the highest paying hand in online poker?

A Royal Flush is the highest paying hand. This hand consists of an Aces, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten all coming from the same suite.

What is the best online poker site?

Stellar Spins Casino is the best online poker site to play at. You can enjoy several variations of online poker for free or real money when you sign up. 

Is poker a game of skill or luck?

Online poker is a combination of both skill and luck. Once you have found and mastered a strategy, it does become easier to et lucky with the hands you are dealt. Having good knowledge of the game is equally important as this will help you make better bets.

Can I enjoy poker online with my friends?

Yes, you can play poker online with your friends and enjoy the game. You can play live poker tournaments with your friends here at Stellar Spins casino. 

Is online poker harder than live poker?

Playing live poker is slightly harder than online poker. This will depend largely on how many players are playing. When you play online poker, you get to enjoy the game at your own pace without being rushed.

How long do online poker games normally last?

This depends on the number of players at a poker table and the version you’re playing. Usually, a poker game is usually an hour long however, it can be quicker online.


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