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Playing blackjack online is widely popular. For that reason, Stellar Spins online casino offers you real money online blackjack games to play on your desktop and mobile smartphones. Online blackjack is an easy casino game where each player tries to beat the dealer by getting a hand value closest to but not exceeding 21. There is more to the blackjack game, such as betting options, how to play, blackjack variants and strategy. Our guide to blackjack explores all that in detail.

Online Blackjack Real Money

Blackjack aims to beat the dealer and get a hand as close to 21 as possible without going bust. Going “bust” is exceeding 21 and is an automatic loss. Blackjack has several variations, and all of them have the basic rule that a winning hand must be close to 21, and anything more is a loss. In blackjack, all players at the table get two cards face up while the dealer gets two cards, but only one of his cards is exposed.


How to Play Blackjack

In blackjack, the dealer and players get a pair of cards each. Both the player’s cards are face-up, only one card from the dealer’s hand is exposed. After that, players may begin to make plays or moves to improve their hands and win. These plays include hitting, splitting, doubling down, staying, folding and surrendering. All these will be explained under the blackjack basics section.

  • Make your deposit and place your wagers.
  • Get two cards dealt; both cards are face up.
  • The dealer also gets two cards; only one is face up.
  • Players can request additional cards, by hitting, splitting, and doubling down.
  • Those who want to quit the game and forfeit their initial wager will fold.
  • A blackjack (a hand to the value of 21 made up of an ace and a 10- value card) is an automatic win and pays out 3 to 2


Best Online Blackjack Game

Classic blackjack is a simple yet exciting game. Online blackjack is one of the most popular card games at casinos. Multiple providers, including BGaming, Reevo, Evolution, Betsoft and others, have a variety of blackjack games, including live dealer blackjack games. Some blackjack variations have additional bets, and others have unique rules limiting how many hands can be split.

Classic Blackjack

In the classic blackjack game at Stellar Spins, you can hit, split, and double down your way to beating the dealer. Minimum and maximum bets cater to players who prefer to make small bets and high rollers. There are also single deck variants, along with multi-hand blackjack versions where you can play up to 3 hands at a time.

Perfect Pairs

In perfect pairs blackjack, there is an additional perfect pairs side bet. Players bet on getting a hand made up of two similar cards. A pair of identical rank, colour, and suit is the highest paying hand, followed by a pair with a similar rank and colour, and the least is a pair of similar rank and different colours.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack is usually played with just 2 to 8 decks of cards without jokers. In this version of blackjack, the player’s cards are dealt face down. The dealer only makes a play after the player makes their move. Hands can only be split once.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip is a four-deck blackjack game. This version of blackjack features insurance bets and surrender options. Players can double down on any initial hand and split to form up to 4 hands. There is a limit on splitting aces – one time only.


Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Stellar Spins galaxy of online gaming features dozens of live dealer blackjack games from the best casino providers. Evolution is one such provider, with many live blackjack games streamed to players in real-time. A human dealer in a casino studio interacts with players as they place bets and win in real-time. It’s like playing in a real casino from the comfort of your home or straight from your mobile device.


Best Online Blackjack Gambling at Stellar Spins

What makes Stellar Spins the best option for online blackjack gambling? Several features include the ease of signing up and creating a casino account. We also have free online blackjack versions of the real money games. All this contributes to the best online blackjack gambling experience for players.

The top three reasons why Stellar Spins is the top real money online blackjack site is:

Mobile Blackjack

Most people play casino games like blackjack on their mobile devices. Therefore, Stellar Spins casino is fully mobile compatible. Android and iPhone users enjoy the full spectrum of blackjack games available at the casino site.

Blackjack Bonuses

Bonuses make playing your favourite online blackjack games more exciting. Stellar Spins has bonuses that players can use on the best casino table games, including blackjack online.

Free Online Blackjack

Playing blackjack online is a common way for new players to practice betting and playing. All of the blackjack online games at Stellar Spins are available for free play too. You, too, can play free blackjack to test new strategies before playing for real money.

Wide Variety of Online Blackjack Games

Their dozens of blackjack online games. Usually, online casinos have limited table games. However, Stellar Spins has an entire constellation of unique blackjack games from numerous casino providers, including popular names like Felt, Evolution, Relax Gaming and many more.

Best Casino Providers

Stellar Spins is star-studded with top casino software providers to give players the best gaming experience. In addition to providing a diverse selection of blackjack games, they provide the software that allows games to run smoothly on all devices.


Basic Blackjack Strategy

There are a few blackjack strategies to improve your odds of winning. One of the most effective blackjack strategies is using a strategy card. Strategy cards suggest when you should hit, split, stay, double down based on what value hand you have. The card is based on the calculated probabilities of getting different hands in blackjack. On the card are different possible hand values and combinations of blackjack hands, along with a suggested move for the hand. 


Online Blackjack - FAQs

Can you make money playing blackjack online?

Yes, you can make money playing blackjack online at Stellar Spins. Sign up, make a deposit and claim a bonus to use on one of many real money online blackjack games.

Is online blackjack rigged?

No, online blackjack is not rigged. Stellar Spins uses the best casino software with trusted RNG software that independent regulatory bodies have tested.

Can you get rich from blackjack?

You can get rich from playing blackjack. Many players have won life-changing prizes from real money blackjack games.

Can I play blackjack for a living?

Some professional players make a living from blackjack. Practice using the free blackjack online games at Stellar Spins to improve how you play, and you too can play well enough to make a living from blackjack.

Can you consistently win at blackjack without counting cards?

Yes, you can win consistently without counting cards. There are more blackjack strategies to use other than counting cards. One good way to win consistently without counting cards is to use a blackjack strategy card. It suggests whether you should hit, double down or split based on your hand.

How do you win blackjack with $100?

You can win with $100 by placing small wagers and hitting, splitting or doubling down when you have a good hand. Using a match deposit bonus can stretch your bankroll and help you play and win for longer.


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